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Passenger Immigration Form This form is required. United States and foreign governments require the advance receipt of passenger immigration information as requested below. Sail date Ship name Stateroom Category Booking Embarkation port Disembarkation port Documentation of citizenship/immigration travel history The U.S. and foreign governments require that your name appears exactly as it is on your passport. Title First name Middle name Last name Suffix Princess Captain s Circle member Date...
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Hi, IN×39’m Gary Cambridge of Tips for Travelers. In this video IN×39’m going to tell you think that you absolutely need to know about Princess Cruises. So first of all who exactly are Princess Cruises? Well Princess Cruises are base din California, they started back in 1965 with one ship and that×39’ve built overtime to have 18 ships (as of the time of making this video). In terms of size that makes them the tenth biggest individual cruise brand in the world. That×39;reactually owned by Carnival Corporation. The Carnival Corporation owns brandslike Carnival, Holland America, Seabourne, P&O in the UK. So PrincessCruises became famous through the quot;Love Boat” TV series. The series was actually filmed on the “Pacific Princess”, and that really made Princess a household name. They take over two million passengers a year to over 360 destinations on cruises lasting anything from three days up to about 114 days. The second thing you need to know is the category of cruising that Princess operate in. Now they operate what×39’s known as the “premium” category. Now different people classify cruise line sin different ways, but there's broadly speaking four different categories. So you have your “mainstream” cruise lines, which are perfect value cruise lines particularly for families that kind of stuff, and that would include things like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line MSC Cruises. You then have your “premium” category, so that×39’s where Princess Cruises sits and brands that would also compete with Princess Cruises would be things like Holland Americanize (which is also a Carnival brand) and also Celebrity. You then have your quot;luxury”brands, or some would call them sort of upper-premium brands, and that tends to be smaller ships like Wind star, Samara, Oceania Cruises. Furthermore, you then have your “ultra-luxury” which are your very premium cruise lines, things like Seabourne, Silver sea, Regent seven Seas, Crystal. So Princess operate in that premium category. So what sort of things do you expect from a premium cruise line? Well you×39’re going Roget relatively good fares, you×39’re going to get some nice touches — so the food is pretty good. You can have lots of choice. You×39’re going to have a wide range of cabin choices, ranging from Suites through to inside. But you won't get as lots of the added luxuries that you would have with luxury lines. Like service, so you wouldn't have for example all-suite cabins, young×39’t have big fluffy bathrobes, you won×39’t have branded toiletries your cabin in, you won×39’t have flowers and fruit baskets — that kind of stuff. So it×39;slightly stripped back from a luxury brand. But sort of for me in anyways it equates with kind of 4-star sort of hotel experience. So mainstream brands tend to be kind of three-star hotel experience. You could say that premium brands are sort of four-star and the luxury and ultra luxury are reallyfive-star — if you're trying to compare with hotels on land. So...
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